Viewer role

''The best time to learn a language was 20 years ago. The second best time is now''

Viewers are allowed to attend somebody else’s private lessons as a simple spectators. During the session, they will interact with the learning platform but not with the teacher who is focused on the student.

Learning a foreign language takes time and dedication. Beside the stimulation that it often triggers to our mind, speaking different languages has became crucial and necessary in our daily work, for our family, when travelling for vacations, for tourism, from a cultural perspective, for research purpose, as a challenge, for fun…

Hundreds of learning methods exist in books, in internet… but not all of them are efficient and get the expected results within the expected timeframe.

If living in the country where the language you want to learn is spoken or having a (girl/boy)friend native in this language are not an option (for the moment), then our learning courses are your best option.

Our concept is that private lessons are also “public” to the extent that the entire session and all the interactions between the student and the teacher can also be seen by registered “viewers” acting as simple spectators.

As such, attending a private lesson at a very cheap price is now possible by chosing the viewer role and being a simple spectator of a real private lesson session.

The content of all private lessons are driven by the student’s learning objectives and the viewers have access to same learning materials as the student.

Online conferences are also proposed on diverse topics (e.g. sport, health, technology, languages…) in the format of free or premium webinars. During such sessions, all participants have the “viewer” role.

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The standard price for attending a private lesson as a viewer is 2€ per hour (60 minutes).

This fee includes:
– Immediate access to the learning platform and all preparation learning materials given by the teacher before the session.
– 60 minutes of passive learning session with a native teacher having a proven experience in teaching of languages.

The standard price for attending a premium conference is 3€ for 45 minutes session. This price may be different from one conference to another.

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Cheap opportunity to attend a private lesson

The cost of attending a private lesson as a viewer is very limited and fixed (2€ per hour) allowing people who cannot afford private lessons to have a chance of attending somebody else’s session and learn.

Way to evaluate the teaching methods before switching role to student

Students have a free trial learning session with their teacher when they onboard on our platform. Having an idea of the teaching methods is not always easy in only 1 hour. As such, attending several lessons as a viewer can be a good alternative to evaluate the quality of teaching and then switch role to student.

Fast learning thanks to the interactive platform

Integrated with HD audio & video conferencing, screen sharing, content sharing, remote control and other powerful features, the learning platform fits perfectly to the organization of digital private lessons.

Access to same learning materials as the student

Being a viewer means being able to see all the session materials, listen all the open questions from the student and answers from the teacher, do the exercises at the same time as the student thanks to the learning platform…

Practice on a regular basis

The best way to learn is to be frequently exposed to the sound patterns in the language. It has been shown that it can be effective to simply listen to the language for your brain to get used to the sounds and particularities, even if you have no idea what it all means.

Chance to attend inspiring conferences and webinars

From time to time, conferences are organized on inspiring topics (e.g. health, sport, politics, education, finance, technology, climate, ecology…). Speakers are specifically chosen for their charism and presentation skills to ensure that the webinar is up to the audience’s expectations.