Teacher role

''A load of books does not equal one good teacher''

The teachers have the primary objective to prepare and organize learning courses adapted to their students no matter the number of viewers/spectators…

Our teachers are considered as our partners. They are totally independant and organize their schedule, the number of teaching hours per week, number of students etc… themselves without any quota. They also have full freedom in terms of learning course content. They can use any learning material (e.g. videos, podcasts…), can structure their sessions as they want and adapt them following their student’s progress.

All teachers must be independent or self-employed contractors. As such, the working relationship between teachers and GOBAKO Learning Center is always framed by a contract for service.

We are constantly looking for experimented teachers in any language willing to be part of the community of GLC teachers.

Firstly, you need to be native speaker in the language you would like to teach, secondly you need to justify a significant time of active teaching in schools, universities, college or online. Finally, you need to be officially registered as self-employed/independant in your country of tax-residence.

Apply online

Use the onboarding form to propose your teaching services

Once we receive your onboarding message and collaboration proposal, we will get back to you.

The more viewers, the higher the remuneration

The remuneration program for the teaching services is directly linked to the number of viewers who attend the learning session with a minimum of 20€ per hour. Invite your friends, family, activate your social network contacts so they follow your lessons and teaching methods as a viewer. It is in your interest to get as many viewers as possible so you can benefit from the best remuneration in the market for similar services !

Special bonus for high performance and large audience

High performing teachers are teachers whose lessons are followed and attended by more than 10 000 viewers. If this threshold is reached, the remuneration is set to 1500€ per hour. On top of that, when a learning course attracts more than 100 000 viewers, the teacher can get a special additional bonus equivalent to 5% of the additional income generated by the viewer’s fees above the 100 000 threshold.