Student role

''Strive for progress, not perfection''

Students are at the heart of the GOBAKO Learning Center eco-system. Indeed, the teachers prepare private lessons for them and the viewers follow their progress.

Learning a foreign language takes time and dedication. Beside the stimulation that it often triggers to our mind, speaking different languages has became crucial and necessary in our daily work, for our family, when travelling for vacations, for tourism, from a cultural perspective, for research purpose, as a challenge, for fun…

Hundreds of learning methods exist in books, in internet… but not all of them are efficient and get the expected results within the expected timeframe.

If living in the country where the language you want to learn is spoken or having a (girl/boy)friend native in this language are not an option (for the moment), then our learning courses are your best option.

All our learning courses are organized by native teachers with long teaching and pedagogic experience.

The content of all private lessons are driven by your learning objectives and expectations defined during the free first session between you and the teacher.

The concept is that our private lessons are “public” to the extent that the entire session and all the interactions between you and the teacher can also be seen by registered “viewers”.

This allows them to attend a private lesson at a very cheap price as a simple spectator. They do not interact with teacher and do not receive any feedback, their progress are neither tracked nor followed up etc… they are on their own but the idea is that attending somebody else’s private lesson can guide them in their personal self learning.

This means that by registering, you give your consent that your learning session will be made available for other viewer-only participants.

The standard price for attending a private lesson as a student is 25€ per hour (60 minutes).

This fee includes:
– Immediate access to the learning platform and all preparation learning materials given by the teacher before the session.
– 60 minutes of active learning session with a native teacher having a proven experience in teaching of languages.
– Follow-up of homeworks given the day of the private lesson by the teacher (in case you decide not to continue, the follow up will be done via mail).

The affiliate program allows you to reduce this fee for each affiliated viewers.

Register online

Use the onboarding form to give us your learning expectations

The onboarding is totally free. Once we receive your message, we will contact you in order to set up a first free introduction lesson.

First lesson + language level evaluation (both free)

After sending your student onboarding request and after preliminary discussion with teacher, you will be offered a free trial learning lesson in order to give you the opportunity to test the platform and get used to its interactive features.

Certificate of program completion

At the end of a learning program, you will receive a certificate of completion as recognition of progress made and achivement of objectives. A minimum of 15h learning lessons is required to get a certificate.

Fast learning thanks to the interactive platform

Integrated with HD audio & video conferencing, screen sharing, content sharing, remote control and other powerful features, the learning platform fits perfectly to the organization of digital private lessons.

Affiliate program to decrease the registration fees

The affiliate program allows you to reduce your private lesson fees by 1€ for each affiliated viewer attenting your or somebody else’s lessons. This concept allows you to have a chance to get free private lessons. Invite your friends, family, activate your social network contacts so they follow your progress as a viewer. Then you will start enjoying learning for free !

Games & quizz to make the knowledge retention more efficient

Gamified learning makes the user experience fun, rewarding and improves significantly your knowledge retention as well as your engagement. Research shows that learners retain up to 9% more using gamified mechanisms embeded in courses.