Gostelo learning platform

''Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn''

Our learning platform provides multiple interactive activities allowing teachers to enrich their course.

Our platform is used by our teachers to create and design inspiring courses and learning games that meet your requirements and learning objectives. After your onboarding or registration, you will find all the documents and educational materials related to your lessons in our platform.

Your ideas, opinions and feedbacks mean a lot to us. That’s why, from time to time, you will be asked to answer a 5 minutes survey for each course you complete. This will help us to improve the quality of our educational content based on your inputs.

A free account has been set up to let you try the platform. Use the following information to log in and get started with all GOSTELO’s features.

Username: XXXX

Password: XXXX

In order to get access to GOSTELO, you need to either onboard as a student (go to onboarding menu section) or register as a viewer (go to catalogue > courses and conferences).

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Thanks to the Demo Account, you will be able to test and get used to GOSTELO universe even before registering or onboarding.

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  • GOBAKO LC Certificate (demo)

Our platform uses H5P plugin which makes it easy for our teachers to create interactive content. Examples of what they can do:

Interactive video – Create videos enriched with interactions.
Dictation – Create a dictation with instant feedback
Drag & Drop – Create drag and drop tasks with images and texts
Essay – Create essay with instant feedback
Fill in the blanks – Create a task with missing words in a text
Speak the word – Answer a question using your voice
Quiz – Create a sequence of various question types
Multiple hotspots – Create many hotspots for users to find
Flashcards – Create stylish and modern flashcards
Image sequencing – Place images in the correct order
Branching scenarios – Create dilemmas and self paced learning
Timeline – Create a timeline of events with multimedia
Image Pairing – Drag and drop image matching game