Russian Private Lesson (GLC20181110RU001)


Learn Russian language with a highly skilled teacher, use all interactive features of the learning plateform to fasten your progress. Registration to have the student role on this session.

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This page allows the registration to an interactive GLC Russian Private Lesson as a Student. The abilities and functionnalities enabled during the learning sessions depend on the chosen role (either Student or Viewer). The main differences between Student and Viewers are detailed in their role page.

Private lessons are now modernized by the new technologies to improve the learning environment effectiveness, to  enhance knowlege retention and help learners practice real life situations. Thanks to our teacher’s professionalism and to learning platform abilities, you should expect results soon after joining first session.

Remember: strive for progress, not perfection.

Additional information



Lesson duration

60 minutes



Language of Learning


Language of Teaching


Date & Time

Fri 23/11/18 15h30, Fri 30/11/18 15h30

How to attend?

In order to attend this lesson, you have to complete all the following steps:

1. Sign up and create a new GLC account (if not yet done).
2. Log in.
3. Register to this lesson (choosing the correct date, time and ensuring that the language, role and all the lesson attributs are aligned with your needs).
4. Finalize the registration and proceed with payment.

The day of the private lesson:

5. Follow the instruction givens by the teacher in the course page.